1 Warren Mews
London. W1T 6AJ
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Hong Kong

Ground Floor
18 Sau Wah Fong
Wan Chai
Hong Kong
T +852 2804 1138

Mott 32, Singapore

The restaurant combines local colonial details with nods to the aesthetic movement. An abundance of generous planting in over-sized porcelain botanical patterns brings an element of the Garden City to life. The main dining room is anchored by a decorative canopy with a feature of an octagonal chandelier with botanical artwork embroidered onto the lampshades reminiscent of pagodas as a nod to the Chinese heritage of the group.

Guests are greeted with a colonial façade that embraces the beauty of the traditional Singaporean shophouse architecture, which the studio modernised through the innovative use of timber slats and classic Mott 32 bank bar gold gates.

Draping plants around the perimeter of The Orangery. 

The Lantern Private Dining Room has its own personality which imbues key elements of Aestheticism, the art movement which emphasized the value of beauty in art and design. The space features a hand-painted and embroidered ornate wallcovering of a rich, gold leaf pattern on a semi-sheen blue background, echoing Whistler’s Peacock Room.

 The Lion Room features an impressive domed ceiling and a statement tropical thrown chair.

 Inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy and brush paintings, the national animal- the Lion, is positioned outside the men’s lavatories. Another “regular” on the graffiti scene at Mott 32s globally is the portrait of Anna May Wong, the first Chinese actress in Hollywood in the 1920s.

Date Completed

Number of Covers

11,715 ft²

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands,
10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore

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