1 Warren Mews
London. W1T 6AJ
T +44(0)20 7436 8846

Hong Kong

Ground Floor
18 Sau Wah Fong
Wan Chai
Hong Kong
T +852 2804 1138

Mott 32, Hong Kong

The restaurant tells the story of Hong Kong’s past by hinting to imaginary lives of the building’s former occupants. Situated in the basement of a prominent bank building in Central, the structure lends itself to a layout of different experiences with varying character and intimacy. Objects and details provide clues to the larger political and social history of Hong Kong.

There are five private dining rooms, each designed as distinct architectural spaces:

The small private room at the base of the staircase has vault doors opening into an intimate space with a Sun Yat Sun-inspired mural. A hint of conspiracy and an illicit tête-à-tête, perfect for diners who want to be incognito.

The Tangerine Alcove houses playful tableau of Chinese paintbrushes of various sizes mounted on both sides of the wall. A copper metal paneling lines the dome-shaped ceiling. But it’s the large antique mirror at the end that elongates the whole room rendering it a rather surreal, cinematic experience.

A former storage facility for the immigrant family’s age-old heirlooms, a myriad of chandeliers spanning Victorian to Modernist eras hang over the private dining table.

Date Completed

Number of Covers

7,000 ft²

Standard Chartered Bank Building,
4-4a Des Voeux Road,
Central, Hong Kong

Inside Awards 2014, World Interior of the Year Winner
Inside Awards 2014, Bars and Restaurants Winner
Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014, Shortlisted

Mott 32

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