1 Warren Mews
London. W1T 6AJ
T +44(0)20 7436 8846

Hong Kong

Ground Floor
18 Sau Wah Fong
Wan Chai
Hong Kong
T +852 2804 1138

CARNA by Dario Cecchini, Hong Kong

With Dario Cecchini’s nose-to-tail philosophy, the restaurant aims to provide a lively dining destination where guests could savour each bite amidst a warmly engaging environment. Earthy pinkish-red hues, domed arches, silk chenille patterns and medieval tapestry textiles along with limestone, Roman vein-cut travertine and Amarone burgundy marble are layered to evolve the interiors into a 21st Century gathering place.      

The arrival at the restaurant is a feast for the eyes, with stained glass art referencing ancient wall frescoes from Roman times to narrate three themes: Tide of Gathering, The Joyful Feast, and Celebrating the Harvest, a precursor for the feast to come. The dome serves as a focal point of the space, creating a sense of intimacy that envelops guests.

Guests are greeted at the wooden Traditional Table accompanied by a bespoke iron votive stand, an invitation to embark on an artistic culinary journey lead by Dario Cecchini. The meat and wine display fridges provide a focal point to proudly display the signature cuts of meat on offer. 

At Bar Luce, the bar front is cleverly cladded with an undulating series of organ pipework whilst domed niches in the backbar house glassware and spirit bottles against an intricate stained glass arched window. This glowing back bar adds a touch of mystique and allure, making it an enticing destination for patrons to enjoy a drink and dine.

Custom dining chairs are upholstered in jacquard-weave fabric to reflect the details of antique chapel chairs, establishing a connection to historical grandeur. 

Date Completed

Number of Covers

378 sqm

39/F, Mondrian Hong Kong, 8A Hart Avenue
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

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